Generac Generator Reviews – 7 Best Generac Generators of 2021

Our life is inconceivable without electrical appliances, because they make our life easier. Generac is one of the most reliable generator manufacturers in the USA. I spent 20 hours analyzing the best models of the brand, went to the factory and talked with friends who have these models, studied the comments of other people on Amazon, compared with other manufacturers and picked the best products for you. 

Over the years Generac gas generators (this manufacturer has been on the power plant market since 1959) have proven their reliability and stability in operation.In this article, I bring you 9 of the best Generac generators of 2021. 

Need energy for your next camping trip? Or how about the event of the year at the back door? Generac will cover you. Portable machine with reduced weight and size. But still the same great power.It is a true power technology that makes it capable of safely powering sensitive electronics while still being easily portable.

Generac Inverter Generators

Generac 7129 GP3000i Inverter Generator

The most powerful inverter featured on this list is the Generac GP3000i.This device is capable of delivering 3000W starting power thanks to PowerRush technology, which increases the surge power by 50%.

At almost 60 beats this modeling is slightly heavier than over-the-counter inverters, but still lighter plenty to carry because the integrated convey address It’s besides jolly repose so it doesn’t botheration you neighbors when you’re encampment This story besides characteristics TruePower application so you can connect to sensitive contrivances without distressing almost detrimental them. Thither are 2 USB harbours on the control venire so you can charge 2 electronic contrivances at the same age


  1. High starting power with PowerRush technology
  2. TruePower technology
  3. Parallel Able


  1. Sometimes it’s not easy to start


  •  Quiet Inverter Power;
  •  True Power™ Technology;
  •  Compact & lightweight design
  •  Parallel Ready to connect 


  • Voltage: AC: 120V 
  • Running watts: 2300W
  • Starting watts: 2000 W
  • Running amps: 14.1 amps
  • Run time: 50% load 10.7 h

Several inverters are capable of running in parallel and this besides applies to the GP3000i. Plugging in a second inverter presents you nearly the same power as several larger large transportable generators, so it’s a good option if you want your power to be compact.

Generac 7117 GP2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The GP series is one of the most popular because each product delivers more power, no matter how powerful it is.The 7117 GP2200i is a 2200W inverter model in series, which is great for outdoor activities.

It is easy-to-use modeling with a simple board. It has caution illuminations for low oil and low fuel levels, a power circle node and covered powerfulness way out (USB porthole 12 Volt DC and 120 Volt AC) for added rubber It can run all day with a rated runtime of about 11 hours, which affects with its diminished whippersnapper designing and 1. 2 gal fire coolhead Capitalise of its twin abilities and you birth plenty powerfulness for the tail raise


  1. Long working time
  2. Quiet
  3. True Power technology


  1. Complaints about engine problems immediately after opening
  2. Unstable power output


  • TruePowerTM Technology provides clean, stable power ideal for sensitive electronics, tools and appliances; 
  • Compact and Lightweight makes transportation easy with builtin handles; 
  •  Integrated Off/Run/Choke Knob simplifies startup procedures;
  •  LED Indicators alert you when the unit is low on oil, overloaded, or ready-to-use. 
  •  USB Port to charge mobile devices; 
  •  Parallel Ready to connect two GP2200i inverter generators for twice the power; 


  • Voltage: AC: 120VAC 60Hz
  • Running watts: 1700 W
  • Starting watts: 2200 W
  • Running amps: 14.1 amps
  • Run time: 25% load 10.75 h

Other interesting features are the 3 power modes that keep Generac generators economical. This model also features TruePower technology that minimizes harmonic distortion, making it safe for direct charging of sensitive electronics such as DSLR cameras, mobile phones and laptops.

RV ready – connect directly to RV to power most RV air conditioners up to 15, 000 BTU

USB outlets and parallel ready – connect 2 units together for double the power.

Generac 6901R iQ2000 Inverter Generator 6866 with Storage Cover

Generac 6901R iQ2000 Inverter Generator

The new iQ2000 inverter generator allows you to bring energy where life takes you. From tailing parties to camping trips and beyond. Find out why packing one of these for your next expedition is such a smart move:

Generator health indicators alert you to low fuel, low oil, overload and overheating.


  1. High quality current
  2. Savings on fuel
  3. Compactness
  4. Reduced noise
  5. Resistance to external factors


  1. Power limitations
  2. Limitations of choice


  • Operating Modes: turbo, standard, economy;
  • Lightweight compact design with built-in handle for easy portability;
  • Smart paralleling allows you to connect directly through the 120V outlets, no separate paralleling jacks required.


  • Voltage: AC: 120V 
  • Running watts: 1700W
  • Starting watts: 2200
  • Running amps: 14.1 amps
  • Run time: 25% load 10.7 h

You have the power right at your fingertips. Other features of the Generac inverter generator include PowerDial, quiet power and status indicator. So get out, enjoy your adventure and be responsible for your strength.

The IQ2000 is one of the most technologically advanced models you can guess just by looking at the cool LED control panel. From this well-lit dashboard, you can check the remaining runtime, fuel level, power consumption, monitor oil level and switch between modes.

Generac Portable Generators

These are the most versatile type because you can use them as an emergency backup power at home, but there are also several designs that are suitable for the tail end or even on an RV. These are the best portable Generac models in various capacities.

Generac GP3500iO Open Frame RV Ready Inverter Generator

Looking for a home championship source but don’t birth rattling high-pitched powerfulness requisites or perhaps you want to stay inside a sealed budget? The 5982 GP3250 approach at a well-disposed term and has plenty of powerfulness for all family details such as icebox and air conditioner. It is a heavy-duty expression with 8-inch never-flat wearys and a steel bod manufacturing it but worthy for the cursory employee who needs verve for powerfulness utensils With above 10 hours of operation at 25% dilute it is a reliable self-possessed powerfulness set


  • Heavy duty design
  • High running watts compared to starting watts
  • Affordable
  • Fuel efficient
  • High starting power
  • Straightforward control panel
  • Electric start


  • Not CARB compliant so does not ship to California
  • Overly simple control panel does not have monitoring features


  • PowerRush™ Advancehnology 
  •  Lighter reduces fatigue and improves portability
  • True Power™ Technology 
  • PowerDial™ Choke, Run
  • Three operation settings integrated into one simple-to-use dial
  • Economy Mode 


  • Voltage: AC: 120V 
  • Running watts: 3000 W
  • Starting watts: 2000 W
  • Amperage: 25 amps
  • Run time: 25% load 10 h

The automatic shutoff whenever the oil levels are dangerously low is another feature that protects the engine.

Generac 5734 GP15000E 15000 Running Watts/22500 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator

This hefty transportable source is marketed by Generac as delivering high-pitched execution but with low maintenance requisites It has a 992cc OHVI locomotive with an outturn of 22, 500 poets tide powerfulness and 15, 000 poets uninterrupted powerfulness This is a true sumpter because it can run a full 10 hours at a 50% dilute because its large 16 gal fire coolhead It holds plenty powerfulness to run near family appliances however it is besides hardy plenty with the hardened nerve provenance and rough data-base wearys for use at construction locations This is besides a simple


  • Big power output
  • Sturdy design
  • Simple to run


  • Relatively expensive


  • Idle control reduces noise and conserves fuel for extended run-times. 
  • A large-capacity fuel tank with an incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and extended run times. 
  • Low-oil pressure shutdown automatically safeguards the engine from damage.
  • Integrated lifting eye for easy transport and security on the job site


  • Voltage: AC: 120/240 V 
  • Running watts: 15000 W
  • Starting watts: 22500 W
  • Amperage: 125/62/5 amps
  • Run time: 50% load 7 h

Generac Home Standby Generators

Experiencing frequent power cuts? This option in indispensible for you! It’s hard to find a generator that could compete with Generac in terms of price and efficiency.

Generac 7033 Guardian Series 11kW/10kW

This folk alternate origin is actually in the indistinguishable terminus range as the also respectable 5734 GP15000E so why should you get the 7033 instead? If you are not mechanically ready and want a device that is as easy as possible so a alternate origin which automatically turns on with a powerfulness diluvial is the simpler hands-off pick. This folk alternate origin is indeed in the identical terminus cookery cooking utensil as the more respectable 5734 GP15000E so why should you get the 7033 instead? If you are not mechanically ready and want a device that is as easy as possible so a alternate origin which automatically turns on with a powerfulness diluvial is the simpler hands-off pick.


  • Affordable standby generator
  • Mobile Link Remote Monitoring System
  • No need for refueling


  • Only suitable for smaller household loads
  • Pricey installation and maintenance


  • Innovative engine design and rigorous testing
  • True power electrical technology
  • Solid-state
  • Single source response


  • Voltage: AC: 240 V 
  • Running watts: 1500 W
  • Starting watts: 2500 W
  • Amperage: 125 amps
  • Run time: 100% load 15h

Generac G0071780 16kW Home Standby Generator

This model has all the Generac characteristic features like TruePower Technology which minimizes harmonic distortion, Mobile Link Remote Monitoring and the RhinoCoat for a durable coating.The Guardian Series is very popular among homeowners since it is a dependable power source with several financing options.This model also has a multilingual LCD control panel which is protected by the RhinoCoat casing that is resistant to all weather conditions.

The larger alternative is the 70432, an equally pop family understudy source but with about doubling the capacity with 22, 000 poets tide powerfulness and 19, 500 poets uninterrupted powerfulness. This is plenty for nearby households to sit out a power outage for an unrestricted come of time because it is directly machine-accessible to the home gas or LP add.


  • Mobile Link Remote Monitoring
  • TruePower Technology
  • High quality materials


  • Expensive installation costs
  • Expensive spare parts


  • Innovative engine design
  • True Power, electrical technology
  • Solid-state, compensated voltage regulation
  • Single source service response


  • Voltage: AC: 120 V 
  • Running watts: 2000 W
  • Starting watts: 2500 W
  • Amperage: 15 amps
  • Run time: 25% load 7 h

How to choose the right Generac generator for me? 

Except for all of the above choices, the first affair to reckon when choosing a source is the number of current consumers. This refers to allude to all the equipment that you use in the house. Cipher the come of verve it devours (this can be finished by sounding in the data rag for a household contraption or cautiously studying the inscriptions on the case) and add all the names. The total come is the required source of power.

Firstly, it depends on your personal use case.To correctly select a generator, you need to consider all the important characteristics. Stability and efficiency of the device will depend on them.A generator is essential in homes where power outages occur frequently. Of course, you cannot put it in an apartment, but for private houses, shops, organizations it is a reliable source of backup power. Even with long-term accidents, your own electric generator will allow you to use all the amenities: light, TV, computer.

There are three use cases:

  1. For frequent power outages
  2. In rare cases

1. For frequent power outages

Any fire the generator labours on, it always has an home combustion locomotive Ice places are characterized by increased powerfulness and fruitfulness they birth a good servicing animation but they are quite loud and tortuous Under they should be used to feed big industrial enterprises rather than houses, but for large households with subsidiary plots, you can take a diesel unit.

Petrol generators are initially aimed at the population, because they are not so noisy and large, and they birth the best resourcefulness for providing verve to most whatever family Thither is besides a branch taxa of gasoline generators – inverters. These are nearby diminished powerfulness flowers that do not use a big copper-wound alternator. They boast a compact microprocessor card that carries especial flow timber and compress sizing for easy ecstasy Functional features of generators Generators differ from each other in:

  • type of case (open and closed);
  • by power;
  • sizes;
  • weight;
  • the amount of fuel consumed;
  • complete set.

2. For rare occasions

Decorous generators from the world’s preeminent makers are often equipped with an AVR process which is responsible for a stable outturn voltage. This is an important constant for family appliances, because the jumping voltage can burn them. And we are talking not only about “sensitive” computers or nomadic phones, but also refrigerators, electrical hobs and televisions. 

They besides do not abide voltage swells Exigency shutdowns of hap in winter, so it builds feel to buy a generator with the ableness to first in cold-blooded endure

An ordinary hand cable will never start it from the first, or even from the fiftieth time, if it is -25 degrees outside the window. An instant start even in extreme cold can only be guaranteed by an electric starter – by turning the key, the generator will start immediately in any weather. 

But here it must be borne in mind that this type of launch will also affect the price of the generator. It is also worth choosing generators that have a clear control panel. It should have a display with ammeters, a voltmeter and preferably an hour meter.

What to consider when choosing a Generac generator

There is no need to take a generator with a large power reserve – it is not economically viable. You will have to pay for the extra kilowatts you do not use.

Another parameter is the size of the building itself. For a small country house, there is no need to buy a noisy diesel or gasoline generator. It will hum and give off a lot of toxic fumes. If you need to buy just this type of generator, you need to take care of a separate room (boiler room or basement). The inverter generator can be kept on the balcony or in the dressing room of the house.

1. Power

For the car to work properly, the battery must be selected correctly. The ampere load for the battery is extremely important, since the main purpose of the battery is to start the motor cold. Knowing how to choose the battery for the generator, you can avoid many mistakes. The most important point to which you should pay attention. 

 The power of the genset directly affects the choice of battery. The data must be looked for according to the technical documentation of the car. So, if the owner of the vehicle is not the first owner of the car, then it would be better to make sure of yourself in the generator model, to clarify the data of its power.

The capacity of the battery must be matched to the power of the generator so that not only the charging current is covered, but also the power supply of all electricity consumers in the car is provided. In other words, the power of the generator must cover the power of all consumers combined, and the MVT (maximum charge voltage).

2. Fuel Type

By installing a generator in your home or company, you can get electricity at any time for any need. Moreover, this equipment can be used as a backup source of electricity, and as a permanent one. The main thing is to choose a model that will support the operation of all the necessary devices and at the same time become economically profitable for you. This largely depends on what kind of fuel will be used for the job. 

But it cannot be said unequivocally that a gasoline station is worse than a diesel one, or vice versa. It all depends on the operating conditions and the intensity of use. As a rule, diesel generators are equipped with four-stroke engines and have a long service life.Therefore, they are very hardy. 

Moreover, you can choose both a model with a capacity of 2 – 4 kW for working during the day in a small workshop, and for power supply of a large enterprise or several private houses. The capacity of such installations ranges from 10 to several thousand kilowatts (there are simply no such powerful ones among gasoline stations). As a rule, diesel generators with a capacity of over 15 kW are equipped with a liquid cooling system, therefore they can operate around the clock.

3. Automatic launch

During the operation of backup power supplies, such a function as automatic start of the generator in the event of a power outage is of great importance.

 The need to use these devices is due to a number of reasons. First of all, they are associated with the noisy operation of generators and the need for their placement at a distance from the house or even in separate buildings and underground bunkers.However, in such an isolated state, there is a serious problem in the supply of electricity to the facility in cases of unexpected power outages. As an automatic reserve input, let us consider in more detail the BAZG-1 device, which is a generator autorun unit. It provides remote control that does not require the presence of people.The main function of the unit is to start and stop the power plant engine.There are five attempts to start, including 5 seconds for the start itself, and 15 seconds for the break between starts with automatic air damper control.

All electrical appliances and equipment that require backup power are separately highlighted on the autorun diagram. 

The rest of the consumers remain connected to the city network according to the standard scheme.The phase is connected through an automatic fuse. The backup power consumers themselves are connected through a 32 ampere socket, which allows the full power of the generator to be removed.

Frequently asked questions

Wrapping it up

Summing up, we can say that gas power plants are highly reliable, ecological and modern devices for backup and autonomous power supply.They will allow the homeowner to be completely independent from planned or emergency power outages, and it happens that they completely refuse to provide the services of electricity suppliers. 

Compared to diesel and gasoline counterparts, gas units have a number of significant advantages. Gasoline and diesel vehicles are limited by the type of fuel used during operation. Gas-fired ones work perfectly, both on liquefied gas fuel of the “propane-butane” type or on methane from main gas pipelines, as well as on gas emitted during oil production. If the power supply needs are high, compact gas generators can be easily and quickly combined to form a single powerful and highly reliable power unit.

After all, a breakdown or a stop for preventive maintenance of one of the components only slightly reduces the total power produced.Besides Gas is an efficient and relatively inexpensive natural fuel.Such power plants can be supplied both modularly and in containers. By purchasing a modular generator operating on gas, it will allow you to gradually increase the power as required.Since the capacity of gas power supply stations can be easily increased, interfacing of newly introduced modules and planned installation is carried out simply and quickly.

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